Though the home health care industry is all about the person-to-person connection, there are many ways that technology can make your life easier! There are dozens of mobile apps for home care and home health agencies that are built to save you time, help you communicate more effectively with your team, and provide a better service to the families you care for.


The entire medical industry is embracing this tech wave. Fitness trackers, sleep apps, and other “smart” integrations are making it possible to monitor your health everywhere you go. Mobile medical devices allow even money-strapped hospitals to get the equipment they need. And Virtual Reality will soon be a viable option for doctors and patients. While this may feel like a depersonalization of what has always been a very personal service, technology actually helps medical professionals do their jobs better. Caregivers can focus on providing great care, while allowing apps to handle some of their other tasks.


When your employees are working with patients, a collection of apps can help simplify their lives. Clinicians can be equipped with a full suite of resources to help them care for patients and handle emergencies, as well as track their daily activities, including miles travelled and hours worked. And you, as the business owner, can rest easy knowing that all of your patients are in good hands, because each caregiver will be equipped to offer the same level of service. Even if you’re not on-site to supervise.


Your in-home senior care business can be more efficient, productive, and personable when you integrate the right apps into your daily processes. To assist you and your businesses, we have curated the seven best apps you should consider using for your home care, private duty or home health care agency:


Mile IQ  

When your caregivers drive back and forth across town, tracking their miles is a necessity for reimbursement and tax purposes. Mile IQ is one of the best mileage tracking apps out there. For every drive MileIQ records, which is tracks using a smart phone’s built-in GPS, users swipe left for personal driving or right for business driving. It’s very quick and easy, so your clinicians and home health aides don’t need to spend extra time keeping a mileage log by hand.


You can even specify work hours so that MileIQ doesn’t automatically attempt to classify drives when your employees aren’t working. Each week or month you can export the drive data into a variety of reports that integrate with your expense tracking software or accounting system.


Elder 411

This is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of senior care. It offers over 500 pieces of advice and information for caregivers, including tips on safety, housing, hiring adaptive equipment, communication, mobility, and other key care issues; all available right when you need them most. It also includes video lectures and audio tips for caregivers, making it a great training tool for new employees. Your staff can’t always call you with every question while they’re on the job, so this app can help guide them. You can also recommend Elder 411 to the families you work for, so they can learn more about their parent or grandparent’s care.



One study has found that 71% of patients would rather chat virtually with their case manager rather than have to pick up the phone and call. MedChat is a HIPAA-secure live chat for the health care industry that allows you to seamlessly communicate with patients about appointments or ask medically sensitive questions. It works with the front desk, nursing staff, as well as accounting. With MedChat, you can only answer one phone call at a time, but with multiple chat windows, you can speed up your communication with patients at your home health care agency. Plus, you’ll have a history of all your conversations with patients and their families, so nothing gets lost in the shuffle.


The American Red Cross First Aid App

You have to plan for the unplanned. And you never want your in-home care professionals to be stuck in an emergency with no one to turn to. Asking your employees to download the Red Cross First Aid app can guide them when a crucial situation arises. The app includes safety tips for a variety of issues, as well as standard directions for heart attacks, burns, cuts and more. Plus, it’s fully integrated with 911 so your employees are just one button away from calling for help when they need it.


iPharmacy Pro

Keeping medications sorted for patients can sometimes be a time consuming endeavor, especially when they have dozens of pills in a weekly pill holder. This app allows you to identify each pill by typing in the imprint code, color or shape. Plus, it includes detailed descriptions.


Your caregivers can be confident that they’re giving patients the right medications at the right time, as well as finding answers to questions they may have about dosage or effects. Additionally, you can send information about the drugs via email to family members or clinicians in real-time. This is another app that your patients will appreciate being referred to, as it can make their lives easier when your caregivers aren’t there.



Medscape is the top app for healthcare professionals, and provides fast and accurate clinical answers when you need it most. Look up drugs for dosage and adverse combinations, or use the Disease & Condition reference for immediate patient care. The Medscape Consult community allows your clinicians to communicate with other or touch base with other professionals to ask questions and get answers on the patients they’re treating.


If one of your home health aides needs to brush up on their knowledge, the app has instructions on how to administer 1,000+ clinical procedures, complete with video demonstrations. It is geared toward professionals, and also includes a medical dictionary with over 129 medical calculators. You’ll never worry that you’re sending your clinicians out to the field unprepared.



Keep your employee’s hours, earnings, overtime and time off accruals in order with Boomr. Your caregivers and employees can even upload pictures directly to the app to verify that tasks are completed. Automated reminders make it easier than ever to ensure accurate and responsible timekeeping, wherever your employees go.


Each of these apps are meant to free up your day so you can be a more effective boss, helping your business to grow and thrive. Embracing mobile apps, and technology in general, will allow your home care business to have its best year yet!