When Brooklyn SolarWorks, a New York City-based solar panel installation company, started to experience fast growth, owner T.R. Ludwig decided it was important to modernize his business office processes. Having previously owned, operated and grown successful companies, he knew that staying nimble, leveraging innovative technologies and not getting bogged down by unnecessary work is an essential part of running a healthy business.


Working Smarter

One of the first systems Brooklyn SolarWorks upgraded was their payroll processing vendor. After years of using one of the large payroll incumbents that most small business owners are familiar with, T.R. decided he needed something easier to use and more intuitive. In the search for something better he found Gusto, the new gold-standard in modern web-based payroll.


As T.R. says, he was “really just interested in basic services, like the modern offering and user interface”. Something else that truly sets Gusto apart from some of the bigger payroll companies is their unwavering commitment to customer experience. With a company like Gusto, you can always get the answers you need without “jumping through a lot of hoops”.


After configuring Gusto, T.R. also knew he wanted to pair his new cloud payroll system with a progressive and mobile time tracking solution. “I knew that I wanted something lightweight that was going to be very straightforward to implement. With a team of 7 installers visiting job sites, it was essential to have a mobile app based system where employees could easily enter hours from the field”.


Gusto offers integrations with several time tracking products, but Boomr stood out for it’s hassle-free nature and competitive pricing. “After looking through the Boomr website, I discerned that this was something that could be spun up quickly and the technology was just what I was looking for”. Also, the free trial was appealing and risk free, which made the decision easy.


Successful Implementation

Brooklyn SolarWorks was able to get up and running with Boomr quickly and it was soon embraced by his solar installation team. After a successful trial, T.R. subscribed to Boomr and implemented the Boomr-Gusto integration as a core business process for the long-term. Today, Brooklyn SolarWorks uses Boomr’s mobile time tracking app for not only the team of installers in the field, but also the administrative office personnel and even the marketing department.


Given the nature of the residential solar installation industry, job locations and schedules can vary quite a bit. Using Boomr gives Brooklyn SolarWorks the flexibility they need to track hourly employees accurately on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis. Boomr’s mobile app comes fully equipped with geolocation tracking functionality, so as Brooklyn SolarWorks expands its’ operations and continues to add more work sites, they’ll have a tool that can support their employees at scale.


While Boomr ensures that all employee work hours are kept organized, the seamless integration between Boomr and Gusto allows T.R. to send these hours, broken out accurately by regular and overtime classifications, to his payroll system with the click of a button. Not only was setting up the integration straightforward and hassle-free, but now T.R. can focus on running his business instead of being bogged down with time-consuming labor management and payroll processes. Which is good for all of us, because cities like New York have a lot to gain from awesome companies like Brooklyn SolarWorks.


Brooklyn SolarWorks is a team of solar canopy craftsmen and flat roof solar specialists based in New York City. They fabricate, manufacture and engineer their proprietary solar canopy solution and are experts in flat roof installations. Learn more about Brooklyn SolarWorks by visiting their website.