Today we’ve launched some exciting new features related to overtime tracking. Businesses in California that use Boomr to track employee time can now select our “Use California overtime rules” option to track overtime and double time according to California requirements. Double time tracking can also be configured without applying the California rules, giving Boomr customers the ability to tailor their account to be compliant with local regulations regardless of where they are located.


Also included in this update to overtime functionality is the ability to set overtime thresholds and multipliers to the hundredth decimal point, for example a daily threshold of 8.25 hours or a multiplier of 1.75x the normal rate of pay can now be used (previously only whole numbers were allowed). This was a common request from our international customers based in Australia and throughout Europe.


These updates are available immediately for all Boomr accounts and can be configured by going to Preferences in the web dashboard.



Tracking overtime and double time accurately is an essential function of any successful service business. With Boomr, regardless of where your company is located you can now calculate and manage overtime accurately and according to your local regulations. Plus, with our Overtime Watch tool, you’ll be alerted when employees are approaching the daily or weekly overtime threshold or when sequential days are worked that put the employee at risk of overtime (and double time).


Whether you have 2 employees or 2000, Boomr can bring value to your organization. We offer real-time insights to your workforce which help your business make informed operating decisions. Our mobile time tracking app is intuitive and requires no training. Plus, it’s so easy to use that employees can be up and running in 30 seconds.


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