Businesses can now connect Boomr’s award-winning, mobile time tracking software with FreshBooks, the most popular accounting system designed for small business owners and their teams.


FreshBooks recently launched a complete overhaul of their top rated accounting platform, which now includes the ability to track time directly in FreshBooks. However, many customers have expressed an urgent need for a mobile solution that works in real-time and offers GPS functionality. This is where Boomr fills the gap, allowing FreshBooks users to easily and effectively track time with their smartphone or tablet from wherever the workday takes them.


Not only does Boomr allow for mobile-first time keeping, but all shifts are tracked with geolocation and hours are measured against overtime rules. This allows even the smallest businesses to stay compliant and keep their team accountable. Boomr also allows employees to communicate in real-time through in-app chat, track time spent on specific projects or tasks, and export all work hours directly to payroll.


Want to see the integration in action? Join our live webinar on Wednesday, November 1st at 10am PST.


Setting up the Integration

The partnership represents FreshBook’s first integration with a time tracking software provider built exclusively for their new platform. The integration is simple to set up, allowing FreshBooks customers to connect their company account to Boomr with a single click. Team members and clients are then automatically synced from FreshBooks to Boomr. After the sync, both employees and clients can be quickly mapped with Boomr’s simple configuration tool, ensuring that all hours tracked in Boomr are attributed correctly when sent to FreshBooks.


Employees can be up and running with the Boomr mobile app in less than 30 seconds and because the app is so intuitive, no training is required. Clients are also synced from FreshBooks, so employees can track time for specific clients directly from the Boomr app. Boomr even allows for web-based time tracking from a desktop browser.


All hours tracked in Boomr are available in real-time to review, edit and approve. Approved hours are then neatly organized on a timesheet report, broken out by both team member and client, which can be sent to FreshBooks with the click of a button. Boomr automatically assigns the hours to the correct client in FreshBooks, allowing for a streamlined invoicing process.


Mudita Shekhawat from FreshBooks’ Business Development and Partnerships team says “FreshBooks Cloud Accounting is excited to partner with Boomr, the #1 real-time employee time tracking app. Boomr’s unique time tracking application allow users to track their employee’s time on-the-go using their intuitive mobile apps and have them based on geolocation!”


A Complete Ecosystem

While the integration was designed to give FreshBooks users additional tools to expedite and organize client billing, customers will also benefit from the fact that both Boomr and FreshBooks have robust integrations with Gusto. That means all hours tracked using Boomr can also be exported to Gusto for payroll processing, and the payroll reports from Gusto can be imported into FreshBooks for organized accounting.


Because the integrations between Boomr, FreshBooks and Gusto are seamless, small business owners are able to keep all of their back office systems in sync, saving countless hours and headaches. This “closed loop” setup means that no double entry is required and all records are kept organized and accurate. If you want to operate your business at optimal efficiency and automate some of the most important processes, this is the solution for you.


A Bright Future

The integration with FreshBooks allows Boomr users to send their employee’s tracked time over to the FreshBooks timesheet for seamless invoicing. More time saved through this quick process means going back to doing the tasks that you enjoy!


Both Boomr and FreshBooks share a passion for building beautiful, easy-to-use software and are committed to an even deeper alignment in the near future to make the user experience more intuitive and valuable for our shared customers. We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we continue to make routine updates and improvements to the integration.