Boomr has ranked in the Top 10 of GetApp’s Time Tracking & Expense software category for Q4 2017 and our team couldn’t be more honored. Why? Because the ranking means we are delivering what our customers want and that’s what is most important at Boomr.


GetApp’s Category Leader rankings showcase the top cloud-based business apps for 27 different product categories, such as Task Management, Accounting, Project Management, Marketing, and Time Tracking & Expense—which is where Boomr stands out.


Whether it’s a first-time software buyer or a business looking to make the switch from one product to another, Category Leaders gives a comprehensive list of the top solutions using their own unique, five-factor scoring methodology. Each of these factors is worth a maximum of 20 points, for a total potential score out of 100. Here are the five factors at a glance:


  • User Reviews—This score is based on the number of reviews received, the average rating, and how recent the reviews are.


  • Integrations—This score is based on native integrations listed on GetApp, the availability of an API, and Zapier integration.


  • Mobile—This score is based on the availability and rating (from Google Play and App Store) of Android and iOS apps or the mobile responsiveness of its web app.


  • Media Presence—This score is based on the number of followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook.


  • Security—This score is based on a security survey developed by GetApp, which is modeled on the Cloud Security Alliance self-assessment form.


This scoring system has been designed to ensure that the ranking is completely independent of any commercial relationship GetApp has with software vendors on the lists. We’re proud that Boomr has been determined to be one of the best Time Tracking apps available and we look forward to continue our commitment to bringing value to small and medium sized businesses.


Boomr was especially successful in the mobile and security components of GetApp’s scoring system. Mobile is a new component, added to GetApp’s scoring system Q1 2017. This was added because mobile adaptability is an increasingly important factor in today’s rapidly expanding mobile world, particularly in the workplace. In fact, Business Insider reports that 65% of the American workforce uses mobile devices for their work.


Mobile Experience

With an 18 of 20 score, Boomr’s mobile app experience is really showcased. Our mobile time tracking app allows business owners to stay synced with their employees no matter where they are. The app allows employees to log their hours on any smartphone or tablet. And with our GPS-powered time clock and real-time location tracking, business owners always know where their employees are—but only when they’re working. When employees are off the clock, their privacy is fully protected.



When it comes to Security, Boomr scored a strong 20 out of 20. In fact, Boomr was the only company in the top 25 to score a perfect 20 on Security. That’s because we take the security of our customer’s data seriously and we adhere to all industry best practices and regulations. This has been a focus area for Boomr over the past year as our solution has experienced more wide spread adoption among bigger companies with hundreds or even thousands of employees.


So, what about the other components of the ranking system? When it comes to customer reviews, another new component added to the ranking system, Boomr scored an impressive 15 out of 20. And since GetApp recognizes that constant software updates mean that reviews don’t have an infinite shelf life, they take into account how recent the product reviews are. GetApp also includes reviews from their sister sites, Software Advice and Capterra, so they have more data to work with.


Software Integrations

Integrations is another new component to the ranking system. GetApp understands that integration with many different apps is not always necessary. This is why they focus on the most popular platforms when scoring apps. Boomr’s ability to integrate with BambooHR, Quickbooks, Xero, and Gusto—as well as their most recent partnerships with Namely and Freshbooks Cloud Accounting—helped give it a boost on the ranking system. At Boomr, we are committed to adding one new partnership every quarter as part of our current and long-term growth strategy. We’ve found that seamless integrations enhance the overall value proposition for our customers and give Boomr the opportunity to bring value to new customers in markets that may be underserved by employee time tracking.


Boomr is humbled to be included on this list and there is a strong indication that the future is bright for our SaaS startup. We have experienced 300% growth in the past year and we have a global customer base spread across dozens of industries. But at Boomr we are not content to stand still. We are working hard to increase our GetApp ranking in the coming year. Boomr’s biggest opportunity for improvement is in the area of social media, which is why we’re hiring a social media manager to enhance and manage our social media presence.


We also have recently launched new time tracking add-ons, such as Boomr for Healthcare and Boomr for Developers. Boomr for Healthcare offers mobile time tracking for home care, home health and hospice companies. In addition:


  • It has pay-per-visit and piece-rate pay classifications.
  • Custom visit and non-visit codes can be assigned.
  • User-specific, on-call, after hours, and weekend pay rates can be set.
  • Expenses can be tracked.
  • Deviation reports can be generated.


Boomr for Developers is the ideal time tracking API for web and mobile app developers. It enables developers to not only harness the power of our mobile time tracking app for their own business, but also allows them to incorporate popular Boomr features into their products with the use of our Web API and Time Tracking SDK. The Boomr for Developers add-on includes the following core features:


  • Geotagging and timestamping of shift data.
  • The establishment of salary, hourly, and piece-rate payment.
  • Tracking of breaks and lunch.
  • Calculation of overtime and double-time pay.
  • Tracking of tasks and projects.
  • Calculations to take into account time zone differences.
  • Different formats, including international currency and date and time.
  • Exportable reports to be used for payroll, billing, and timesheets.


Boomr is grateful to the GetApp community for placing us on the Top Ten of the Time Tracking & Expense software category. Using this list as a point of reference, software buyers and small business owners can get a good sense of the market landscape for the type of software they are looking for. We believe in informing our customers with the data they need to run an efficient business, and we’re happy that prospective customers now have the opportunity to be informed when shopping for an employee time tracking solution.


Here’s to ongoing exceptional security, a truly mobile-first product experience, and best-in-class customer satisfaction as we close out 2017!