Keeping clients and employees organized is a top challenge for residential and commercial cleaning companies. Between a large team of employees and a complex schedule of homes and offices that need to be cleaned, there are a lot of moving parts to deal with on a daily basis. With so many people to keep track of, you may quickly realize that days are going by and you haven’t had any time to actually grow your business. Don’t get so stuck in daily tasks that you can’t help your business become the best it can be! Instead, consider using some of the best apps for residential and commercial cleaning companies to buy yourself more time.


The best way to make your days feel easier is to get organized. Create a system for every aspect of your business, including cleaning, laundry, supervision, reporting, customer service, accounting and management. This will provide much-needed structure that allows you to work more consistently and efficiently. When your business is organized, things can run smoothly whether you’re there or not.


As a service business, building and maintaining strong relationships with your clients is key. Keeping an excellent reputation requires a commitment to customer service. Staying in contact with your clients, and being available to hear their questions and complaints will ensure they continue using your services.  Each of your clients has different specifications and needs. Some provide their own cleaning products, others need you to bring your own. Some require a whole team, others only need a single cleaning professional. What is important, is that you have the right systems in place to keep track of all this data in order to provide an excellent service.


It’s also important to help your employees do their best. After all, it is the quality of their performance that determines if your customers are satisfied. Helping employees stay organized and giving them access to the tools they need to succeed is a great long-term investment of resources. Everything from tracking their hours easily, to robust communication tools, to their ability to provide excellent service to clients will help give your company an advantage.


Running a cleaning company isn’t all sweeping and mopping. Integrating technology will help your business operate more efficiently, and allow you to focus on the business aspects of your cleaning company. Tracking labor, clients, costs, and more through apps and websites can help you save time and your sanity. Consider incorporating these seven apps to help improve your residential or office cleaning business.



Increasingly, clients are looking for easier ways to pay for services. Checks and cash are becoming outdated, so it’s time to offer your clients a way to pay with debit or credit card. The Square app lets clients pay with a card on the spot. Just download the app and order a Square card reader, this allows you to take credit card payments with any smart phone or tablet. Square’s app for mobile devices is stylish and simple, which makes it very easy to train your team. The minimalist design lets you quickly and easily take an order, but still gives you quick access to all the settings and extra tools. Plus you can customize them to your exact needs. Export data from Square directly to your accounting system and everything is in one place.


HouseCall Pro

Running a service business is very different from a business that sells products. And this app, HouseCall Pro, is built specifically for you and your priorities. You can easily schedule jobs, look up customers, and review job history.  Automatically send “On My Way” texts to customers so they know when to expect your team. Use the app to view your cleaning schedule and to keep tabs on when you last provided janitorial services to a company. They have a special app for employees to download as well, so everyone is on the same page. Your team members can note when a job was started, how long they were there, and when they left, so you can easily track their hours.



Jumping from calls to text messages to emails can make communication complicated. And there’s a reason why Slack is the most popular business messaging system. Slack lets you message your team in group or send individual messages. You can create different channels for various topics, like product inventory, client issues, or a chat group for each team of cleaners. Create a separate channel that’s just for fun where you can discuss team outings or lunches, so these things don’t get lost in the shuffle of business communication.



Clients are increasingly concerned about bringing harmful chemicals into their homes or place of business. This is particularly important for places like preschools, veterinarian offices and medical facilities. Before a team member uses a product at one of your clients’ sites, they can scan the product using the GoodGuide app and make sure it doesn’t have any non-approved chemicals. This is also helpful if you have clients with allergies or are only interested in using natural products. This app will allow you to provide customized janitorial services to each client, setting you apart from other cleaning companies.



Maintaining the privacy of your clients and your employees is one of your top priorities as a residential cleaning company. Burner lets you create one-time phone numbers, so clients don’t use a staff member’s personal contact information to get in touch while on the job, and vice-versa. It offers unlimited calling, texting and picture messaging, plus spam blocking. And you can easily track the contacts and export them into your Google contacts. Instead of paying for separate business lines for all your employees, Burner lets you maintain a professional number for less, while still preserving confidentiality.



Keep your team organized even when they’re working in different areas of the city with the mHelpDesk software and app. It allows you to send jobs to workers by text message, or keep them up-to-date via the mobile app. It helps you maintain communication with your staff in the field no matter where they go. Manage team schedules and get in touch with anyone quickly. It offers a powerful suite of tools designed to solve problems faced by cleaning and janitorial businesses.



Get your team’s hours in order with Boomr, which tracks GPS location, overtime, earnings, and time-off accruals in real-time. Timekeeping is a breeze with this easy-to-use app that includes automated reminders to send to your whole cleaning team. Plus, your staff can onboard in just 30 seconds and the app is so intuitive that no training is required. Boomr is one of the best apps for residential and commercial cleaning companies and was designed with your distributed team in mind. 


Bring your cleaning business to the digital age by integrating these apps. Your whole team will be able to run more efficiently and provide a better service to your commercial and residential cleaning clients.